Buying a Home: A guide to purchasing a home for first timers and previous home owners

 If you are just considering buying a new home, or even if you are in the process of house hunting with the first few steps out of your way, knowing the basic steps in the home buying process will help you understand the entire process. Each state has various steps to take when you are searching for and then buying a home, but the basic steps are all very similar from state to state.

Hire a realtor

Realtors are trained professionals that have experience in every step of the home buying process. A realtor can help you find homes for sale in the neighborhoods you desire and make viewing the homes an easy process. One of the best ways to find a realtor that you like is asking friends, family and co-works that have recently went through the home buying process for referrals.

Get Pre-approved for a home loan

Shopping around for a mortgage lender will allow you to start requesting quotes to acquire the best rates on a home loan. Your realtor will have list of prospective lenders that may fulfill your needs on a home loan. After finding a lender, ask the lender for a pre-approval form, this states how much of a loan you should be able to obtain.

View homes for sale

Your realtor will show you a variety of houses that may suit your needs. If you have certain home features that you require such as a certain number of bedrooms, basement or garage let your realtor know ahead of time so he can help you find the perfect home.

Put in a purchase offer

When you find a home that you want, your realtor will help you put in a purchase offer, negotiate any counter offers from the seller and walk you through the process of purchasing a home along with your mortgage lender.

Homeowner’s insurance and home inspection

Along with acquiring a loan for home purchase you will need to get homeowners insurance quotes on your new home and have a full home inspection done to identify any problems before finishing the purchase of your new home.


Once all the previous steps are done, you will then get together will your realtor and lender and the seller to sign your mortgage papers and any other documents needed to close your home purchase. The title of the home and keys to the home should be transferred to you at this time and then you can enjoy your new home.
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