How to Plan a Home Maintenance Project

 Homeowners are both blessed and cursed in a manner of speaking. They have a place to live that is distinctly theirs alone, but they have to maintain it responsibly or it will fall apart in short order. A solid home maintenance schedule is important, but individual maintenance project plans are even more important as they allow for quick and efficient usage of allotted time.

Maintenance projects may be anything from simply checking light bulbs or smoke detector alarm batteries up to a full room remodel. Planning a home maintenance project requires that five basic steps are taken.

1. Make a decision regarding which project needs to be completed first
2. Create a list of necessary materials for the project.
3. Gather the needed materials.
4. Perform the desired maintenance.
5. Check over the work performed to be certain that everything has worked out properly.

The basic planning process will provide a framework to build an individual project's final plan. There are extra steps that will need to be taken for some projects depending on the type of project. One example of this is the total remodel, or addition of a new room in the home. While most people may not be aware of the fact, some locations require that a homeowner file any significant interior changes in the home with the local government. If the homeowner is still making payments on a mortgage the bank or lending institution may be highly interested in large scale changes and have a legal right to know due to contracted obligations. The addition of a new room would definitely fall into this category in many instances.

The best way to plan a major home maintenance or upgrade project is to plot out exactly what is needed to perform the maintenance in a step-by-step process. Apply this step-by-step process to #4 on the basic plan list previously mentioned. This will turn a basic plan of action into a dynamic one.

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